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Since 1990, Chris has worked with over 20,000 individuals from a wealth of organisations both in the UK and Internationally.

Chris Markiewicz

Chris Markiewicz is a highly experienced training course leader, facilitator, speaker and coach. He has devised and conducted programmes for a wealth of organisations both in the UK and internationally. Chris also runs public training events for fellow freelance professionals including his highly acclaimed "Selling from the Heart" programme.

His training has been well received by organisations in areas as varied as high technology, finance, entertainment, construction, manufacturing, publishing, advertising, healthcare, local & national government, voluntary sector and professional bodies.

In the last 23 years, well over 20,000 individuals have benefited from Chris’s interventions.

In his training and facilitation roles, Chris’s particular gift lies in helping people perform and communicate more effectively both in and away from the workplace. Organisations find that his approach is one that promotes genuine, sustainable change within individuals and teams from the “inside out”. This is often reflected in significant shifts in peoples’ behaviour and attitude. As a result, participants and clients consistently report back on positive changes that still apply long after a programme has run

Chris is firmly committed to producing results. Results that are translated into specific, measurable actions that will make a real difference back in the workplace. 

He  has that rare gift of being able to “click” with participants of all disciplines, cultures, ages and levels - he is particularly adept at turning around resistant individuals and groups. Chris has a visual impairment - retinitis pigmentosa. Despite this "disability",  he has the enhanced "ability" to work intuitively and sensitively both with course participants and coaching clients. In the words of a recent course delegate: "Chris, somehow you see everything!"

His training and facilitation style is highly energetic, entertaining and interactive with minimum use of props. With Chris you enter a “Powerpoint-free” zone! He has formed his own eclectic approach using a variety of training materials and methodologies.  

Areas of training expertise include:

  • conflict resolution
  • working with difference
  • dealing with “difficult” people
  • customer care
  • negotiation & sales
  • persuading & influencing
  • assertiveness
  • people management
  • organisational skills & priority management  

Prior to his freelance career in learning and development, Chris spent the bulk of his corporate life in publishing, latterly as sales manager with Reed Business Publishing (now Reed Elsevier) on their hugely successful flagship title Computer Weekly. In his sales and management roles, Chris faced and worked with many of the challenges involved in working with others and building strong work relationships.

Organisations Chris has worked with include: BT; SAP; ABN Amro (now RBS); Dresdner Kleinwort; Orange; NEC; Interoute; Gatwick Airport Ltd; Davis Langdon; UK Civil Service; University College London (UCL);  Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

Chris lives in Barnet, Hertfordshire with his partner Ingrid, children Clara and Adam, a young dog, two cats, a brace of chipmunks and an African land snail. His second home is the training room.

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